Micro Sealing on Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Casting, Vacuum Impregnation Process-Micro Porosity Process
Vaccum Impregnation
Porosity Categories
Technical Specifications

The key to high reliability is strict adherence to proven quality control procedures. Our testing processes are a part of our standard production work and include testing to the highest industry standards as required by your specification.


Our commitment of becoming a leading Processor for Vaccum Impregnation Process of Ferrous Casting, Non Ferrous Casting, Micro Sealing on Ferrous cating, Micro sealing on Non-Ferrous Casting, Vacuum Impregnation, Micro Sealing (Porocity) for the past one decade. Our products are being manufactured in well advance workshop, which is equipped with all necessary Machineries, Instruments, Testing facilities etc. & backed up by a enthusiastic team of skilled workers and experienced technicians.

These personnel’s are the main strength of our company who are determined to place the company on the top of frequently changing market. Our planned focus is on providing superior machining abilities while designing and implementing processes that are cost efficient. A wide variety of castings are produced including those which are complex and highly cored. Intricate castings with superior surface finish, uniform soundness and pressure tightness are our specialty. We have made handsome investment in Plant and machinery to establish and maintain our position in today’s competitive market. Our impregnation facilities, operated by skilled technicians, feature the most advanced equipment available to solve your specific porosity-associated problems.


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